Photos: Inga Masche

Rocky Mountaineer© – GoldLeaf 3.0

Stadler Rail AG

Rocky Mountaineer© provides spectacular train journeys between Vancouver and the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The spacious, glass-domed train travels by daylight through the wild nature of Canada’s West and offers a unique way to experience the Canadian Rockies.

The primary intention of the design is to create an authentic, unhindered scenic experience while providing first-class service and comfort for the bi-level “GoldLeaf” coaches.

The upper deck offers a service bar and lounge seats with an unhindered view due to slender window columns, a narrow central ceiling and spectacular panoramic windows that draw the guests’ attention towards the nature passing by. Adaptive lighting and electronically dimmable panoramic windows are especially designed to support landscape photography. For guests travelling in groups, the seats can turn 180 degrees to form vis-à-vis seating arrangements.

The lower deck features the restaurant, an outdoor viewing platform and functional areas such as galley, restrooms and storage and can be reached via elevator and spiral staircase. The adaptive lighting concept can be set to various states to support on-board operations such as cleaning, meal preparation and dining as well as emergency procedures. Due to limited space in the vehicle, high-capacity storage compartments are integrated under the seats. Each coach is equipped with two restrooms, one of which is fully wheelchair accessible. Stone floors optimised for cleaning improve the maintenance routines on board. A combination of direct and indirect lighting, generous washbasins and sophisticated materials complement the vanity area and create a welcoming environment.

The uncompromised focus on guest experience and service aspects is reflected in every detail of the interior design, while complying with all standards. Uncommon for the railway sector, required safety and emergency equipment as well as their corresponding signage are integrated into the overall design.
Upper Deck
the exterior design and livery are adopted from previous vehicles
Restaurant and Restroom on lower deck
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