photo: Markus Vogelfänger

High-floor Tram Rheinbahn HF6

Rheinbahn AG

The HF6 (high-floor vehicle with six axles) is gradually replacing the B80 vehicles in Düsseldorf, which are widely used throughout the Rhine-Ruhr region. It was developed by Bombardier Transportation, now Alstom Transport, and first used in Cologne and Düsseldorf.

The basic layout of the vehicles essentially corresponds to the B80 vehicles. The multi-purpose areas have been optimised and offer plenty of space for wheelchairs, rollators and prams. With the design of the HF6, the appearance of the passenger interiors of the Rheinbahn was redesigned. The spacious, air-conditioned interior is kept neutral and has some accents of red colour typical of the Rheinbahn. Clear contrasts help with orientation in the interior.
Innovative passenger seats offer exceptional ground clearance and the retractable seat surfaces make cleaning easier.

The basic geometry of the vehicle front is conical and corresponds to the movement of the open coupling. The exterior colour scheme continues the silver-red livery introduced in the late 1990s.

With a length of 28 metres and width of 2.65 metres, the vehicle weighs 39.95 tonnes. The interior offers 109 standing and 64 sitting places. Rheinbahn has ordered a total of 59 HF6 light rail vehicles worth 194 million euros, which are to be delivered by 2024.
photo: Alexander Light
photo: Michael Beitelsmann
photo: Michael Beitelsmann
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