Metro Hamburg DT6

Hamburger Hochbahn AG

The DT6 new generation metro vehicles of the Hamburger Hochbahn will operate in two variants in the future. As DT6-A they will run fully automated on the new U5 line. In addition, the existing vehicle fleet will be renewed subsequently with the DT6-F, featuring a conventional driver's cab.

In the sense of an evolutionary fleet development, the new vehicles will visually integrate into the overall system of Hamburg's public transport and strengthen the visual identity of the Hamburger Hochbahn. The newly designed vehicle offers an open and inviting interior with a high degree of permeability. In addition to the spatial layout, information design has also been tailored to all potential user groups. The universal interior design caters to the needs of all user groups with a strong self-similarity, regardless of boarding point.

The DT6 is equipped with both conventional vis-à-vis seat groups and side-by-side, metro-style seating. This allows up to 850 passengers to be transported with the DT6-F and up to 900 passengers in automated operation with the DT6-A.

The manufacturer's tender for the vehicles is currently in progress.
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