HMI uniboard

Stadler Rail AG

Rail vehicles are not only a transit place for passengers, but also a professional working environment for trained staff such as driver’s and driving instructors.

Like developments in other areas, the way in which driver‘s cabs are operated has also changed fundamentally. Electromechanical switching and control elements have become smaller and smaller and are increasingly being replaced by digital solutions. At the same time, the number and complexity of the operation and information to be handled is increasing.

»uniboard« responds to this digitalization and increasingly complex operation of trams and LRVs. As a software platform for Stadler's next generation TINA Tram, the interface can be adapted and extended according to specific requirements. This includes both the interconnection and integration of various functional units such as assistance and communication systems, as well as customer specific functionalities.

As the central visual display and operating element in the driver‘s cab, the »uniboard« provides relevant information and control options according to specific situations. Together with the master controller and other physical operating elements, intuitive and safe vehicle operation is ensured. In order to reduce the cognitive load on the user, the amount of information and functions that are presented simultaneously is reduced to an adequate level. This supports passive safety, especially in critical and complex moments and improves the user experience.

The visual design of the interface utilizes the potentials of digital interfaces with coherent hierarchy of information, user guidance, consistent operation models and focus on the peripheral perception of the most important information and potentially hazardous situations.

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