CC-10 Urban Ropeway

CE Cideon Engineering GmbH & Co. KG

Urban Ropeways or Aerial Tramways have been part of the mobility and urban planning discourse for quite some time. Nevertheless, realized projects that are fully integrated into the urban mobility network and implemented according to their full potential are still scarce. When thinking of ropeways, ski resorts and snow-capped mountains are still the first things that come to mind.

Together with CE Cideon Engineering GmbH & Co. KG 🡥, it was our intention to highlight the possibilities of urban ropeways for different purposes, from compact cabins for 10 persons (CC-10) to high-capacity units with a maximum load of 35 people (CC-35 LUX 🡥).

The CC-10 ropeway was developed specifically with regard to the currently discussed ropeway-line connecting Dresden’s TV tower.
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