EN! Photos: Kirow Ardelt GmbH

Adler 1500

Kirow Ardelt GmbH

The mobile double-jib level luffing dockside crane handles container and bulk cargo of mid-size ships. The high gantry ensures unhindered yard traffic, designed for ports with heavy terminal traffic. Four high-cube containers combined in a frame construction form the machine house, which is attached to the column as a backpack. The counterweight is located at its rear. The machine house is on each side covered with two removable outer walls. These outer walls consist of frame-reinforced insulating panels and clearly divide the 'rucksack' into two levels. The crane cabin is in its parking position at the same height as the machine house hence both form a unit. Since the crane cab is height-adjustable, it can be moved to any position along the travel path to improve visibility.
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