büro+staubach gmbh
Konzeption und Gestaltung

Dieffenbachstraße 37
10967 Berlin
fon      49. (0)30 695 080 94
fax      49. (0)30 695 080 95

The result of our work cannot be reduced to form or shape. It gains its significance and
importance through diverse relations of usage. From our point of view design is a social,
economical and cultural process. We believe that the challenges of design are not
basically subjective, aesthetical matters. The attitude towards design is important and it
is not a question of style. An attitude is formed through dialogue with project partners
from different disciplines. Only teamwork enables interaction of skills, which is the first
step developing strategies for solving relevant problems. The understanding of
correlations between object and usage leads to our understanding of what design is - a
reflexive and interactive process. This approach demands close cooperation with project
partners form different spheres of competence. We take networking and interdisciplinary
project work for granted.
Our scope of work ranges between objects, processes and virtual spaces. The focal points
of our work are mobility and practical implementations of new ideas and processes. We
are eight product designers, who work in a close network together with experts of different
fields of competence and experience.
References: ART+COM, Berlin; BMW Group, München; Expo 2000 Hannover; I-D Media,
Berlin; Kranunion, Leipzig; Münchener Biennale, München; Rheinbahn AG, Düsseldorf;
Siemens Transportation Systems, Krefeld; Stadler Rail Group, Berlin, Vossloh Kiepe,
The studio was set up 1994, Christina Finger and Nils Krüger became partners in 1999.
Formation of büro+staubach gmbh in 2003, partners are: Prof. Helmut Staubach,
Christina Finger, Prof. Nils Krüger and Jan Bäse.